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Teddy Bear, Critter, Doll and dollhouse miniature artist, wannabe monster maker, Halloween addict and fledgling crazy cat lady. Been making bears and other critters since 1992. That's me in a nutshell! lol. A nut you say??  Nut-SHELL. lol! 
 Wait..... I'm not quite THAT insane.....
that's better....
I am Melanie Clark the artist behind Melbear's Quality Collectibles. .. Or 
you can call me Melly :)

Rocket, out of this World! new mini gang!  
  Rocket and some of my mini's! 
I have been been making and designing bears since 1992. I love it more everyday!

I work full time at my "day job" so I don't get to make as many critters as I would like.. but the ones I do make are very special to me, and I hope you like them too :)


I make bears of all sizes from mini's to big bears.. well not just bears but a variety of critters including Bunnies, Kittens, dragons...etc.

Star Catcher

My work has been featured in numerous magazines including: Teddy Bear and Friends, Teddy Bear Scene, Teddy Bear Review, Teddy Today, Mary Beth's Teddy Bears and more, Bear Creations and Teddy Bear Club International
Swizzle Domino
Swizzle and Domino

I not only make bears but I also collect... a wonderful addiction I must say!
2 of my mini polar bears, Flake and flake Jr.
Flake is 3.5" tall and Jr. is 1-3/4 inch both made from mohair. 
 Bailey who was featured in the Teddy bear Review 2011 "About Face" article. which featured myself and my good friends Rosey Day and Sarah Medina. 

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