Saturday, October 13, 2012

Making Christmas..... lol.

This will be the next few weeks for me

as I'm now participating in the Teddies Worldwide Christmas show.. 
Always seem strange to be making Christmas at Halloween.. but then I just go back to this song and it all makes sense. lol. 

Speaking of Halloween. I need to start decorating! I'm so behind on everything. I hope it warms enough to put the cemetery up in the next week or so. I don't want to put it up too early. It started snowing the other day.... Hopefully, and this is a MAJOR finger crossing moment, that it's nice out on Halloween. Last year we had a huge windstorm and the power went out. It was stressful and many of my props got knocked over and wrecked in the process. 

Anyway, enough rambling on... I keep nodding off here in the studio so I'm going to get some rest and hopefully start fresh tomorrow and get at least one new bear made. 

Hugs, Melly 

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