Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Insomnia = mobile blogging

So. I can't sleep again. So I decided to see if they made an app for blogger for my phone lol. Sometimes I think of the weird things insomniacs do to keep themselves occupied when they don't sleep. Mine always seems to be internet based. Lol
Tonight I traced on 2 new bears. And started to design a new dragon.. And I went on a hunting spree trying to find the piece of felt that I wanted to use in the dragon. I didn't find it. It all my felt is in one container. So I really have no idea were it got misplaced. I must've accidentally put it in the wrong tote. I guess I will keep looking or will have to order something else.... Bugger.
It's pouring rain tonight. I can hear it on the roof. It's very close to freezing though so we may wake up with a foot of snow. I really hope not lol!
Anyway, looks like the mobile blogging thing works. I better try to get some sleep. Hugs!

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