Sunday, August 19, 2012

True blood or something like it. ...

Not sure of any of you watch the show True-Blood. I started watching it last year and quickly became a fan. I instantly fell in love with this character, Elijah. Wish we we would be seeing more of him.. but alas.. no. I will sadly have to obsess over the few minutes we have with him. lol.

What else is new in Melly Land... I got a new fence... yes I said it!!!  lol. My mom and I also re-stained the old fence that was not falling down and it looks amazing.. I will post some pics of it soon. My home is finally coming around. I am very happy, life is finally getting better!

Summer is flying by here.. you can feel fall in the air... driving me bonkers BUT that just makes it that much closer to Halloween! The stores are getting ready to open up, nothing quite like wandering the isles - filled with delectably demented electronics.  Not sure if I should go Zombie or Vamp this year..... Hmmmmm... I do adore both :) :)