Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and all that Jazz

 So instead of wallowing, like I have been lately I decided to do something just for me. Not for the house.. not because I think it would make someone else happy or impressed.... Just for me. I went and bought myself a new aquarium. I've always kept fish. Mainly koi that I had to leave with my parents when I moved years ago. I have a large tank at work filled with koi and some monster goldfish a friend was nice enough to give to me... but that is not quite the same as having your own little world at home to watch. I've been stockpiling live plants for a few weeks now while I searched out the tank I wanted..
 I think it turned out lovely. I bought angel fish and a few guppies. I am in love with the angel fish. I have always wanted to have angels. I was afraid I would kill them but I've done lots of research and I think they will be safe in my hands... err.. in the tank :) . I put the tank beside my TV and find myself in the living room just watching them and not even turning the TV on. :)

Next on my list...  I am in the market for a new camera. Mine is old and even though I love it immensely.. it's not really cutting it for my photography needs anymore. So as soon as I save up some moola I will be getting a new camera and that should help with bear and chinny photos. I've picked out the one I want... It's nothing too fancy, I adore cannon cameras and have always been happy for years with the ones I have purchased... I think this one will work awesome for me. I can't wait.

So anyway... I hope you all have a Happy Easter... Oh and a huge thank-you to my friends who have been calling and coming to visit and dragging my buttola out of the house. I don't know what I would do without you. <3

 Happy Easter Melly style!
Love and hugs, 

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