Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting on with life..

Two of my three kids.. Marvin and Ghost. Who knew they would become best buddies. 

It's been a bit of a struggle lately with some depression but I am doing my best. Trying to see the bright side of things but failing miserably as I seem to get kicked in the teeth every time I turn around. One of these days it has to start getting better.... I keep telling myself that anyway. 
We lost Mason Friday. Cancer. He was a wonderful dog we loved him very much. He was not "my" dog.. as he loved my Dad the most.. but he still spent many a day sleeping in my office. 

Today is the provincial election and I did my part and now I just wait for tonight so I can see who gets in. I do hope we have a change in government and maybe some youth can get into power and shake things up a bit! It is time. 

Been doing hours of yard work and trying to get the winter mess cleaned up. I am almost done but don't have a lawnmower now it seems... So I will be picking something up this week.  

Look what I got from two of my good friends recently.. A wonderful Ellie from Kristina (Kristina Bears) and a sweet as pie Bunny From Shantell (Apple Dumplings). I think they look sweet together so they shall be friends from now on :) 

Went to see Cabin in the Woods on Saturday. It was not what I had expected at all.. I quite enjoyed it.... Not sure my friends thought it was cool as I did though... but my passion for campy movies might have something to do with that. lol.

So, next on my list to getting life back in order is to start cooking again. Meals have been sporadic at best as I find it difficult cooking meals for one person. I need to get over that though, I know I will and I know that takes some time. 
I think some Irish Potato onion cakes are on my list. I was the only one who liked them and they are one of my favorite... now just what to make with them. 

Hope you all have a great week, 

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