Friday, February 17, 2012

.. not your ghost anymore....

We had the day off work today... I decided I didn't want to get out of bed... finally a friend called after repeated unanswered texts and told me I shouldn't wallow.. So I managed to drag my ass up and get cleaned up. In an effort not to drive myself crazy with my own thoughts I went to the mall to do some much needed retail therapy. It's just been another one of those weeks where I wish I could push the reset button and wake up 7 years ago and start over again. 

I've been doing work on the house and tonight I went and picked out a paint for the hallway. I wanted to finish up with the primer tonight but I am out of energy. I will be going back to the studio soon... I'm just not feeling very creative lately.. more self-deprecating. I'm trying not to do this.. but the more time I spend alone thinking about shit, the worse I get. I know I will find my way again... I just need to get into a new project
and find some more people to hang out with who are not drunks to get me out of this house.  

Happy Long weekend,

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