Monday, February 20, 2012


3 days alone with the cats I'm about ready to ... well lets just say.. BAD KITTY!!! Lol!

So I've come to the conclusion over the weekend that I want to get another convertible. I sold mine years ago and regretted it then but had no choice. Did you know Dodge made a convertible Dakota? lmao! I want one.. too funny. 
How funky is that?

Anyway, I had better get my buttola moving here and get the rest of the hall painted. I need to go back to home-depot and pick up a few more things as well.
I will try to get a few new bears... well actually 2 dragons, an Ellie and a bunny up on Etsy before the end of the day as well... Better get off the computer! lol. 
Happy Holiday Monday,


Jennifer Cottyn said...

I drove one of those years ago when I worked at a car lot. It was odd but fun. No cab room to speak of though.

Melanie Clark said...

I really want one.. they are apparently quite rare.. lol.

Jennifer Cottyn said...

I don't think there were too many to begin with either. The one I drove was the only one in Vernon at the time.