Friday, February 10, 2012

.. and I just might have an addiction...

Hi my name is Melly and I'm a fabriholic. I don't really want any help for my addiction.. maybe some more fabric? lol! 
So tonight I decided against what I had planned and started working in the studio a bit... I had forgot I had packed up all my fabric... well off to the basement. Inspiration galore! 

So many new ideas seem to come to you after rummaging through all your mohairs! I will be slowly unpacking it all and organizing it so I can actually see it all.... well, hopefully anyway! lol.

Things have been getting better here. I'm settling into my new life... and although I've had some dark days, I'm lucky to have some pretty awesome people around who make my life bright again. 

Tomorrow I want to paint the hallway and do a few other chores.. Getting better everyday in here and it's looking less and less like a disaster zone. Yay! 

I do have a few new critters to put up on Etsy.. I just need to set up an area to do my photo shoots. I hope I can set up a permanent place to do them now and it will make getting new critters up that much easier. I have a cute pink ellie and a dragon ready to go.. among other creations! 


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Melly,

Your mohair stash is AMAZING. Wow, you must feel like a little girl in a teddy bear shop. (o:

Hugs, have a fantastic weekend.

Scratching at the Window said...

I'm drooolling... oh, so much mohair.... and I totally agree; who needs help? Only more time to play with all that mooohhaaiiirrr... and more mohair, or course! ;]