Monday, January 23, 2012

I found this quote the other day and it really stuck with me.... 

"If you suffer from depression, anything that makes you feel has to the most important thing in your life, because it's the only thing that can save you" - Siobhan Fahey
Things have been going along here. I've been having more downs the past few days... Seems one thing after another lately.. but I'm trying to stay positive. To top it off my grey kitten, Minion has been ill. She has a rare virus that the vet can't do much for.. We are just praying she gets better. She has had a tough start to life and we all love her so much. Today she is feeling a bit better so I hope she can turn around.
My studio is pretty much ready to work in now.. a bit more cleaning and sorting and then I will move on to my supply area. I want things to be organized again so I can at least find things. Nothing more frustrating than trying to create and not being able to find your supplies.
My wee Minion waiting for a fax :)
~ Melanie


The Bear's Blog said...

Oh, please keep me updated on kitty's health. What a sweet little face she has.

Sending you positive, happy thoughts and prayers.


KRISTINA said...

I will help you organize your supplies!!!! ;O)Put this here..put this there..bring this to my seriously!!!

Melanie Clark said...

thanks Joyce. I will keep you guys updated on her. Such a shame really. They think it was because she was from her not being looked after for so long.

Melanie Clark said...

Lol, I will have to check your pockets when you leave.