Friday, November 11, 2011

Spent the morning sewing then went for an outing with my best bear bud Kristina, she really is a nut and lucky that I love her  ;) .. lol. We had an entertaining late lunch/early dinner but I had to cut the night short to sew for the show... I'm sure I'd just get into some mischief anyway so it was likely for the best...  I did manage to buy myself some sexy Granny glasses though.. haha!

I was blog surfing a few days ago and came across this gem. Pure goodness.. lol. 

Back to sewing! 6 down..... at least 2 to go! 


Katy Cameron said...

Go Melly, you can do it! I'm frantically sewing a raffle bear for next weekend too for Sheffield o.O

Melanie Clark said...

Lol! well good luck! I'm sure you will do just fine.


Anonymous said...

Your fingers are going to hurt after all that sewing lol.

The sneaky one :)

Melanie Clark said...

My fingers will hurt from something anyway.. lol.