Tuesday, November 15, 2011

show bears and other ramblings.

Managed to get 8 bears done for the show. I have one more I am trying to get done before the end of the night. I should probably get on that! lol... but if not 8 new critters are ready to go and I really hope you guys like them. It's been a load of work doing 3 show in 2 months but I seem to work the best under pressure.. lol.
 There is still time to VOTE for your favorite bear in the show.. so be sure to go vote! Lol!



Katy Cameron said...

Yay for getting 8 done. I had a similarly frantic time this time last year, but this year I'm better prepared (what with not relaly having shifted much stock since last year!) Hope you have a great show this weekend, I have an 'in the fur' one in Sheffield.

Melanie Clark said...

Good luck at Sheffield! At least at the in the fur shows you get to chat with people so that is always fun. I am looking forward to this show.. I managed to finish off that last bear so now I have 9... I have no idea how I got all that done! lol

Anonymous said...

When are these shows?

The Sneaky one :)