Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making Christmas, Making Christmas la la la! lol

I survived Thanksgiving but ended up having to work on of my days off so I didn't get as much done as I had planned for the long weekend.. but I will get it all done... just some late nights ahead of me..

I am deep into making Christmas bears for the Teddies worldwide Christmas show..... I feel sort of like this.....

Lol!!! This song is going to be stuck in my head all day now.. lol! 

Some new bears will be available very soon, I have been working well into the night on Etsy listings.. I just need to get some photos done and I should have at least 5 new critters available!



The Bear's Blog said...

You are too funny. Very talented, but very funny too.

Don't forget to will all get done.


How are the babies?

Katy Cameron said...

Noooo! I refuse to talk Christmas in October! Good luck with everything though :o)

Melanie Clark said...

Lol, Thanks Joyce <3

The wee ones are good. Lilly looks like a big cat now.. and Angel.. well she is still teeny tiny but has grown. I will post some new pics of them soon.


Melanie Clark said...

Lol! Katy, I am not a big fan of Christmas.. although a friend of mine said he would come to work with his mistletoe hat on so maybe I would like it more then.. haha.
Christmas at Halloween is sort of wrong.. but hopefully it's worth it.