Thursday, September 1, 2011

Easing the pain by saving some wee lives

My heart hurts from the loss of my Motty and it opens up the wounds of loosing Spooky all over again. I know my 2 friends I'm missing so much would be so concerned to see me in such rough shape, Motley would be sitting on my lap nudging me and looking at me with love... Spooky would be resting a big head on my knee, looking at me in wonder of why I was so sad... I try to think of that when I start crying all over again.
Over the weekend what came across my path was a pile of feral malnourished kittens... I won't get into how or why, but winter is coming very quickly here and I knew these little souls would not make it through the winter without adequate food or shelter. A few phone calls to my family at home and I was told I could choose 2 of the little ones to bring back to the office with me.

So let me introduce Lilly and Angel. 

We are smitten and although they don't fill the hole left, it really does help as a distraction.. and I can take some comfort in the fact that they won't be starving outside in the cold... Adding yet more kittens to the world that there are no homes for. I wish people would spay and neuter their animals... but I guess that is another rant. We will be going to the vet as I'm sure they both have ear mites, maybe worms and need to be spayed.. although Angel is still way too tiny for that. She is very bony and tiny for her age and needs to put on a huge amount of weight.

We have a long weekend coming up here so I will be spending it finishing off my pieces for the Trick or Treat tour. Fall has really come quickly here and today is the first day I've had to wear a jacket since spring. I will likely have to turn the furnace back on tonight but I have been resisting.. lol. 
Hope you are all having a wonderful week,


The Bear's Blog said...


Your new little ones are so lucky to have been adopted by you.

The timing - well, sometimes we aren't in charge of the timing. But I truly feel that their presence in your life is a blessing - and the timing - purr-fect.


Melanie Clark said...

Thanks Joyce, I'm not really ready for new cats.. but they needed me. Wee Angel is so tiny I don't know how she has made it this long without being lunch for something. They really are a blessing.. and how people could allow them to be outside in the cold is beyond me... but I have to realize that not all people are animal lovers like most of us teddy bear people are.

The Bear's Blog said...

Isn't that heartbreaking. I have very strong views on the welfare and care of animals, just like you do.

And I am so thankful that there are so many wonderful and caring people out there. I just wish it could be more. Everyone.

Angel knew that there was someone wonderful to "adopt" her and that is what kept her gong.

Congratulations - New Mom.


Katy Cameron said...

Aww, they look like they're settling in well already, and I'm sure they'll flourish under your care.

(BTW the word verification for this post is cattio gave me a bit of a giggle!)

Ilona said...

I think it is wonderful that you saved these two kittens. I know they can not replace Motty but I am glad that they are helping you get over your grief. Hugs!