Monday, August 29, 2011

Broken heart

Friday was yet another very sad day for me. I left work to get parts around 2pm and when I returned at around 3:30 pm I found my cat Motley laying dead in front of my desk. I have no idea what happened, maybe a heart attack... I was petting him just before I left and he was fine. I tried to revive him but he was gone... I am beyond heartbroken. We lost Spooky to old age a few months ago and the cat never stopped looking for him.

  I hope they are together at the rainbow bridge. :(

 On a happier day a couple of weeks ago. 
Motty, as I called him came and sat with me everyday after lunch.

 My sweetie "helping" me with paper work.

 Lunch cuddle time

 I love my new bed Mom, it's in my second favourite place, on your desk. 

Before I got him a bed for my desk he insisted the "Out going mail" box was for him only. :) 

Kitty kisses for Melanie
I miss my sweet boy already. I don't know how or why he was taken from me. I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around it... and I keep waiting to see him in his empty bed on my desk.. or having him jump on my lap wanting cuddles.
Motley came into my life as a stray 7 years ago. He was starving, beat up with a broken tail, missing chunk of ear and face wounds. He had ear mites and worms... Someone had dumped him at my parents, where I was still living at the time. I could not bear to see yet another dumped cat eaten by a coyote or run over by a car. I packed him up into my truck and off we went and I had an office companion from that day on. He never tried to get out, he never caused any problems or did anything naughty. He was my perfect little angel and we loved one another very much. I look at his photos and see love in his eyes, just as I saw everyday that I spent with him. 
I love you and miss you so much. I hope you have found Spooky at the Rainbow bridge and you guys are trying to steal the best spot on the sleeping bed from each other. 



The Bear's Blog said...


I am SO SORRY. There are no words that I can say to you. You gave Motley a wonderful life, something that he did not know until that day that you found each other.

Yes, he and Spooky are over the Rainbow Bridge. There is no sadness, illness or hunger. They are there playing with all the pets who have crossed and they are waiting for us. It will be a very exciting day when we are all together.

His gentle passing, I believe with all my heart, will help you in the days to come.


Katy Cameron said...

So sorry (((((HUGS))))) Hope those wee kittens you rescued can help see you through this

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Oh, dear Melanie, I'm SO sorry to hear your news. I wish I could think of something perfect to say to ease your pain right now. I'm glad that he died peacefully and quickly--watching a cat die slowly and painfully is an additional misery that you just didn't need right now.

Please know that many, many people are holding you in their hearts right now--me included.

Heaps of Hugs,

Melanie Clark said...

Thank-you guys. It was such a shock as he has never been sick and was perfectly healthy...although maybe a bit heavy.

You are right about him passing quickly.. but it was such a shock.. I guess it goes to show how fragile life really can be.