Monday, June 6, 2011

Running on empty

Time zooms by when you are busy. It's been a hectic few weeks here and I've been a bit down in the dumps with news that a work friend of mine was leaving the province. I don't find many people in life who get me... very few... the sort of people who can giggle over the stupidest thing in the world.... people who can find humor in even the darkest things... those people are not common.
My job involves dealing with grumpy people who give me little, if no respect. It's not easy but I have always taken comfort in the very few people who I get to talk to in the day who make me laugh and really, without them I find it difficult to face the day. I miss our daily chats and goofiness. I really hope he does well with the move.. and I'm sure he will. He has a good soul even if he doesn't know it.

Since it's spring and spring being when babies seem to be born.. I have been busy with my chins causing me issues. Usually things go smoothly and all is well.. but when things don't go smoothly, they go very badly.. and now I'm feeding little ones every 2 hours around the clock. I'm exhausted. I think this is why I get so annoyed at people who say so cavalier that they want to breed... they have no idea the commitment you need to be willing to put into it. It breaks your heart and make you wonder why you even do it.

So we better have some happy and bear news in here as well... My red Ellie is in the latest issue of Teddy Bear review. I will be auctioning him on ebay just as soon as we know what is going to happen with the postal Strike. It's very frustrating as I have new stuff to list but don't want to risk shipping when a strike is looming.

Well I had better get back to work here, I hope you all have a wonderful week! 
Bear Hugs, 


Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Congratulations on your sweet, sweet Ellie being in TBR--I just got my copy and he looks GREAT!! As for your dear little chins and your friend leaving the area---(((((HUGS)))).


Melanie Clark said...

Thanks Cheryl! I was very please he made it in. I was not expecting it.
I saw your awesome article in the digi version! I can't wait to get the paper copy! It looks fantastic and so many great pics!


Scratching at the Window said...

Melanie, you breed chinchillas? Is that what those darlings are? Wow...
Thank you so much for the Hallowe'en poster on the side, you rock!

Melanie Clark said...

Hi Karen,
Yep, I breed pedigreed mutation chinchillas. It's fun but a huge amount of work.
I'll post the poster up higher as we get closer to October. I can't wait!

Scratching at the Window said...

Okay, what is a "mutation" chinchilla?

Melanie Clark said...

Oh.. lol. Fancy colours. Recessive colors like Violet and Sapphire. Ebony, brown, black, mosaic.. etc.