Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New website indecision .. lol.

I need your opinion... yes you... lol. So I've been working on  new Melbears website as my old one was made by me over 10 years ago and it's very difficult for me to update quickly and efficiently. This is what I've come up with to replace it... http://melbears.webs.com
I would of course move it to the melbears.com domain.. but I am not sure about it. What do you guys think? honest opinions! My old site still up http://www.melbears.com
Blah!!! I don't know! lol!

In other news, the rain stopped today after a solid week. I don't find the rain bad at all actually, I quite enjoy it (shhh!.. lol)  but it is starting to flood in parts so at least a day for the water to soak in a bit is good. I know we are headed for some big thunderstorms now with all the moisture. Should make things interesting! :D

The post office is still on strike.. but I have been working like mad on new critters regardless. I am very excited to be working on some Halloween pieces for the Trick or Treat Halloween Studio tour. They now have a blog at http://halloweenstudiotour.blogspot.com/ for updates for the tour. I am making some very special one of a kind pieces for the tour with a portion of the proceeds going to the Bat Conservation International.

Hope you are having a good week so far!

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The Bear's Blog said...

Love it. Your new look is wonderful.