Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ellies and bunnies and dragons, oh my! lol.

Well, actually it's only a dragon today... another work in progress but I am thrilled with him so far. Thought I would share him with you guys.

My order of albino and other eyes came in yesterday. I was too tired after work to do much with them though... but soon, hopefully anyway.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to work.... work in progress..

Well I'm back at work today... although I still don't feel that great. I sound like an 80 year old smoker.. lol. I thought I would share a new piece I'm working on. This is a new Golly Girl. I always have so much fun with these. I still have to make a dress or skirt for her.

Hope you are all having a good week so far!

Monday, April 25, 2011

It's the plague!! Go back the way you came.

Well I've been off work since Thursday, normally I would say hooray but I'm off because I managed to come down with some sort of ... cold/flu/plague.. lol.. I am just starting to feel better but my Easter weekend was pretty much a write off. My Mom and I went to the antique show on Friday. Despite me being half zombie I had fun and got myself some antique Halloween postcards. I will take some photos of them today and post them later. I also got a couple wood crates to put in my studio for bears and fabric. I love them and they were cheap! lol.

Even though I've been so sick I've been getting lots of sewing done. Just sitting in front of the TV.. I really just needed to rest so ... resting and sewing is what I've been up to... They still need accessories but are done otherwise.

Now I'm working on a Golly and a new Dragon which are both almost done... I am so pleased with both of them... but anyway here, I better get back to work. Tomorrow I have to work so this is my last day to get critters done!
Happy Easter Hugs,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Duck hunting?

No, not what you think... I think they are hunting ME, and they are Geese.. lol! When I pulled up to work this morning this is what I saw..

 He was honking at something in front of him so I looked over to my left......

Lol, So we have Geese for awhile. I wonder if they are going to nest near the shop. Would be nice to see gosling's wandering about.

Had a busy weekend, spent lots of time sewing and cleaning.. lol!  I picked up the new Harry Potter movie and got to sit down and watch that. It was very good. I can't wait till the next one is out. Went to a friends going away dinner on Sunday evening. I knew a couple people there and it was nice to see friends I've not seen in awhile. We had quite a few laughs and even went for ice cream after dinner.

I've got 2 new Ellies coming soon and a new Bunny!  I can't wait to see how they turn out as so far I'm very happy with them. I'll leave you with a peek at my latest Ellie.

Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April snow brings May snow... lol

Yes, we are amidst another snow storm.. I brought my camera today but of course left the memory card in my computer at home so you will have to wait for photos.

Wow, where the heck has April gone? I can't believe it's half way through already! Things have been very busy here as I'm sure you could tell from the lack of posting. I have been working on a brand new Melbears website which I hope will be ready to make a debut soon. I knew it would be a ton of work but I think it will be worth it. So far I'm happy with it and I've made it very easy to update.

Other than that I've been slowly planning for my fall show. Fall, yes.. lol. I save up bears and critters all year for my October show and I hope this year to have 30 new pieces ready. I am also doing the Halloween Studio tour to Benefit the Bat Conservatory. If you've been wanting one of my large Pandas this will be the time to get one. I only make one or two a year as they are so much work. This guy is going to be very special!

I've been a busy little shopper lately and I have 4 new yards of mohair on route. I can't wait to get it! Plus I did an eye order for albino glass eyes! Eeek! I'm excited about them. I have this idea in my head and now I can't wait to make it.... but I need those eyes! Took me awhile to find them and now that I've ordered them I can't wait for them to arrive! cool eh?? :-D

I hope everyone is having a warm, snow free week! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

New critters on Etsy

I've updated my Etsy store, take a peek when you get a chance.

I've added a free shipping code fro my blog readers! enter blogfree to get free
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