Sunday, March 20, 2011

Antique show finds and other ramblings.

 Friday I heard there was an antique show in Edmonton... a few "whining's" later I was allowed to leave work early and headed over to the show with my Mom. We had to walk almost 3 blocks as the parking lot was full but it was still worth it. There were no dolls or bears to be found but I fell in love with some old books one lady had.

 Are they not just so pretty? Well I think they are and I had to have them. I don't know much about them. One is copyright 1888 and one has 1901 written in the front cover.

I also found this for $20, I LOVE old soda crates and I don't have a Canada dry one I LOVE it. 

On the way home I got stuck in traffic but I received a phone call that there was a "surprise" waiting for me at home. Now I know most people love surprises... I'm not one of those people.. lol!! I so worried the whole time stuck in traffic and worried the whole drive home that it was something alive... everyone knows how depressed I've been since loosing my dog.. but I don't want another dog and the whole drive home I worried it was a puppy. 

Thank goodness it was not... but it was a 23 inch monitor! :-O <-- that's me in shock. I am still in shock.. maybe I do like this sort of surprise. It's awesome and I don't have to squint so much! lol.... don't mind the messy desk :)

Only problem now is my website looks very bad on it! lol. I must get my rear in gear and update it now. 

Well, I swore I would get some sewing done today, so I will go get at it! Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday!


Sarah said...

Lucky you! For the very special books and the HUGE monitor!

Be careful when designing with the huge monitor though, us peeps with the widdly ones might find some things 'drop' off the screen!

Hugs (from another fledgling crazy cat lady ;), Sarah x

Melanie Clark said...

Lol, *waves to other cat lady* heehee. Thanks for the tip Sarah. I'm just going to fix the wallpaper for now I think. It overlaps because it's only 1200 pixels across. I never thought monitors would get so large when I designed all the wallpapers! lol.