Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stranger things HAVE happend.

So this morning, armed with a box of my artist made miniatures.... and my new little curio cabinet, I set to the task of putting my minis into the cabinet. Treasure after treasure I looked at each little item with happiness. Then I came to the wee box of my very favorites... the artist made kitties. I bought these the year I bought the house 4 years ago... and without a place to display them I had them put away. I had forgotten what I had even bought and when I opened the box I got shivers.....

Why you may ask? Well I bought the house 4 years ago.. and at the time I owned one black cat. Ghost... in the next few years I acquired, by sheer accident, Mouse... a brown tabby. Then just 2 months ago a homeless stray came into my life... a white and orange cat.. the orange parts being tabby... Jinx. So now I sit here and hold these miniature cats in my hand and it feels pretty strange... what un-nerves me a bit more is there is one more miniature kitty in my collection...

I really hope this does not mean a rag doll or Birman kitten is going to come out of nowhere to me! lol. 3 cats is enough! lol.

So anyway, that is my weirdness for the day and I thought it was cute enough to share!


The Bear's Blog said...

Your babies are PRECIOUS. Heck, Melanie, one more isn't any more work. (o:

Can't wait to hear about #4. (o:


Melanie Clark said...

Lol! Thanks Joyce. If I could get Jinx to get along with Ghost and Mouse it might not be so bad.. lol!


KRISTINA said...

I KNOW the problem!! Jinx NEEDS longer hair!!! Maybe you could sew him a mohair coat!!

Melanie Clark said...

Lol!!! Maybe... lol. I will work on that.. haha.
I think his problem is that he is SO friendly. My 2 antisocial cats can't take it.. he is always in your face.. lol.

The Bear's Blog said...

Okay, I have THE about getting a kitty JUST for Jinx.

And there - you would have 4. (o:

And DON'T listen to Kristina. Hahahaha.


Melanie Clark said...

Lol!! No more cats. I already need my head examined with three. lol.