Saturday, February 5, 2011

Freaking good day for once.

I am always afraid to say when I've had a really good day. I hate to admit that they don't happen all that often... but today was just an all round good day. This morning 2 baby chins went to a new Mom and Dad. They seem like nice people so I really hope things go well. Later I went into Stony Plain to run some errands and I saw a little funny shop and decided to go in. Well it turns out they sell antiques, they did not have too much but I did find a sweet little curio cabinet. I will use it at my next show for miniatures.. or will use it to display some of my minis at home. I have been hoping to find one of those little cabinets for quite some-time!

Later I got to go to the Monster Jam.. which is the monster truck show here. I've not been to it in years and had  SO much fun. I loved every minute of it.. although alot of it is staged and rehearsed,  the stunts are real and it was pretty cool.

So tomorrow I plan to work in the studio. I am going to cut out a blue Ellie. Now that yet another Elephant is floating around in my head.... well once I get an Ellie stuck in my brain, there is not much room for anything else... heehee.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


KRISTINA said...

WooHoo!! I know you've been wanting that for awhile!! Nice to hear you had a great day!!

Melanie Clark said...

yeah, I was pretty excited. So much for using it in the show.. I already filled it.. lol!!!