Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Busy little bear maker!

We had a long weekend this past weekend Alberta, which gave me lots of time to sew. Since it was -25c is I decided staying indoors was the best plan. I took advantage of that and worked on new bears and critters the whole weekend... well I did take a break to go into the city for lunch one of the days... and took a visit to one of the antique malls. I did not find much but did nab another little curio cabinet. Yay. Now I have one for home and one for the next show I do. 

Thought I would share a photo of the fabric I just got in... all the colors are calling me. I think that orange wants to be made into a big panda!The purple tipped, maybe a bunny? Ah, so much fun!

.. so today I will leave you with a sneak peek of one of my ellies.

Hope you are all having a good week so far!
Bear Hugs!


Katy Cameron said...

Aww, love that wee ellie! Have you been shopping at Alison's NYMM too? The colours look bright enough anyway lol

Melanie Clark said...

Lol! yep, you caught me! I usually dye fabric myself.. but her prices are awesome so why not... heehee.
She is a Bad influence on my pocketbook. :D


The Bear's Blog said...

Wonderful colors, and such a sweet little ellie.


Melanie Clark said...

Thanks Joyce!