Thursday, January 20, 2011

Movies I'm actually looking forward to seeing this year!

I am a huge movie fanatic... but sadly the last couple of years have not given me much to look forward to in the way of movies. Happily two movies for 2011 are getting me very excited. Water For Elephants is one of my favorite books... when I heard they were making it into a movie I was thrilled... THEN I heard it was starting Robert Pattinson.. who is one of my favourite young actors I was even more excited! I hope they do it justice as it's a wonderful book.

The next one I'm excited about is Red Riding Hood. It's directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who did the first Twilight movie.. so I have some high hopes for this movie. I hope Catherine can do wonders with a larger budget.

It has sort of a Sleepy Hollow feel to it does it not? So the thoughts of these 2 movies have been inspiring my dreams and work lately. I must stop buying fabric and actually get some new things made! lol!

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