Monday, January 17, 2011

It's never going to stop!! ??

It's STILL snowing! I spent the weekend at home, my only outing was to Home Depot to get some supplies for finishing the closet in the bedroom... 4 years of waiting! Well it's not totally done yet.... but the counter-tops are on and that is a big step. I can't wait until I can say it's totally done. It looks so nice, it is by far my favourite room.

The roads going to work this morning were terrible, driving really slow seems to be the trend of the season. Here are a few pics I took outside work. The cars are just lumps of snow. I was going to walk out onto the street but the neighbours and us have people out clearing snow so I didn't want to risk getting squashed. lol.

The snow lump is my car.. lol

car? what car? lol

warning - lumps of snow may contain automobiles

poor little car

Hope it's bright and sunny where you live! lol

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