Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun day

Had a great day with Kristina yesterday and I got sooo many wonderful goodies AND my very own Ellie!!! I am so excited about him. I will get a photo of him later..... or steal one from Kristina when/if she posts one.. lol!!
It's been nice having some days off even though it's been stressful here. Today I am going to go work in the crawl space I have so many things to sort through and I will be listing some stuff for sale as soon as I can. Mostly fabric and some Barbies I think. When the crawl space is all done I will be a very happy Melly.. lol.
Tonight I have a party to go to so I am looking forward to that. They are nice people who are not drunks so I know it won't be one of those awkward stressful things I'm usually dragged to.
Sooo, I shall leave you with a photo of the Panda I made for Kristina.


KRISTINA said...

THAT'S MINE!!!!! Isn't "Smudge" AMAZING!!! I finally got my purple

I was trying to take some pics but the sun is blasting into the dinning room and creating major shadows!! Guess I will try later. And yes I will post the ellie I made!! Finally I can!!!

Melanie Clark said...

Lol! You can just steal mine if you want.. lol.
I really need to get to work here instead I'm sitting in my pj's.. haha.

KRISTINA said...

On No!! That's the best way to spend your vacation...In your pjs!!! Some days I don't even comb my hair!!!! HAHAHAHA

The Bear's Blog said...

Smudge is adorable.

Hugs, Happy New Year.