Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting life in order

Three years ago we bought a house. The year before that the house I lived in got flooded so everything had to be packed up so they could fix the damage. I decided not to unpack anything from that since I wanted to get a place of my own. Bought a house that needed quite a few renovations.. with high hopes that the renos would be done in a year I left everything packed. Three years later the renos are still not done.. I still have a crawl space full of my things. So, Saturday I decided to start tackling this space.... It's not fun.. lol. But on a good note I've found most of my Christmas ornaments so maybe this year my tree won't have to be empty of ornaments. heehe!
When I am done this overwhelming project I will be doing a fabric giveaway! If you want to be included in it just be one of my blog followers. It's that easy!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend and keeping warm... I shall now go back to "the dungeon" aka the Crawl space of doom..  heehee!!!

Bear Hugs,

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