Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 has begun!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! This is my favorite holiday of the year. I'm now ready to go decorate the yard.... kind of hungry though, maybe some Brains first???? lol!! 

I'll try to post pictures as I get things done... but for now... Out to the cemetery!!!! 

Eyeris and I are ready for candy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

.....And Then There Were Three

It makes me sad that some people don't think as highly of their animals as I do. My pets are family, my cats sleep on my bed with me at night, watch TV with me and entertain me with their antics. They are bought the best food, given toys and played with. They are loved, they are part of the family. If one is sick, we are upset and worried while they are away at the vet. To lose a member of the family due to old age or illness, we mourn and weep... never forgetting the soul that brought us so much joy and unconditional love into our lives.

Then there are the other people........ 
Last week one of my family members, who live in the country, came across on their door step a wee starving soul. It had been eating their garbage... a young starving cat. It had obviously been dumped by someone with the usual thought that "oh it will go to a farm and be a farm cat". This does not happen.... These animals usually get hit by a car, eaten by a coyote or hawk.. die of exposure or starvation. I've seen so many of these cats over the years hit by cars. Cats dumped by people are not given some great freedom. They die. The average lifespan of an outdoor cat is less than a year.

After much discussion with family the fate of this wee soul was decided.. the little one who chose a house looking for shelter and food, no longer hungry but still homeless... He would go to the pound in the nearest town. This decision bothered me all night.. I could not sleep and when I did all I could see was the face of that animal, starving and just wanting a home with love. Today, he was taken to the vet for vaccines and to deal with some issues.... and a neuter. Tonight a new little family member will go to his home forever, my home,  till the day God takes him from me. He will never again be hungry or cold, never be unloved or unwanted.

Animals are gifts. They are not last weeks news, they have feelings.. they are not a current trend or something that makes you look cool to other people. Please, please for the love of all things, if you can't keep or don't want your pet anymore, for whatever the reason. Take it to an animal shelter or a rescue. Don't dump a domesticated animal to starve or freeze to death. They are not wild animals and have no way of fending for themselves.
Even more, if you do not have a stable home... think that a puppy or kitten is just cute when they are little... If you think a pet as a "starter" to having a baby, and when the baby is born you "no longer have time for it"....  If you are not commited to giving this creature a home for life then please just don't. If you feel your child needs to "see the miracle of life" call an animal shelter.. they are usually in need of people to foster already pregnant animals... please don't make more just for the sake of making more. The humane society is often at it's capacity for cats... which means they can't take animals in need.

 ..... and the good thing is, the people who read my blog already know these things. Most teddy bear people are also animal lovers. I've yet to meet one who isn't. What I write is for the ignorant people.... and I've met enough of them. Some of them are relatives to people I know.... my pleading about how they dispose of animals.... it just gets me the "crazy lady" look. They don't get it... probably never will.

I'm sure not one of them has ever been comforted in dark times by soft paws and wet noses... at a time when you think the world is at it's darkest... a glimmer of hope, of love, from a living creature that would never betray you or make you feel less of a person... and would even give it's life to protect you.

Hugs to my animal heros and heroines out there.