Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Winter in September?

It's been really cool here the past few days. I was surprised we did not wake up to a foot of snow the other day. When I went to bed it was only 2c. Yikes. Luckily it was just rain.

So not too much new here. I went to the miniature show on the weekend and got to spend some time with my friend Kristina and her Mom from Kristina bears and Brigitte's minis. I felt sad not being able to do the show.. but things have just been to much work lately. I am not wonder woman and I have to accept that.
I did get a few little trinkets for my doll house I never have time to work on... One of these days maybe.

Last night I started getting rid of all my, once beautiful plants from outside.. . I don't think the neighbors want to look at my dead flowers.. lol. That always sucks, and since we had snow at the end of May.. well I am disgusted with our summer this year. It was too quick.
Well better get back to work,
Bear Hugs,

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