Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teddies Worldwide show is a go!

The following 75 artists will be participating in the Teddies Worldwide Holiday Bear Show online Nov. 20-21, 2010!

All Bear by Paula Carter - Paula Carter

Apple Dumpling Bears - Shantell Whitney

AussieFelts - Narelle Hill

Back Road Bears - Daphne Blau

Barron Bears - Sharon Barron

Bear Paws by Roxanne - Roxanne Propp

Bear With Me Enterprises - Gail Hancock

Bearleigh Bears - Susan Leigh

Bears and Roses - Ina Smirnova

Bears by Sue Quinn - Susan Quinn

Bears by Tracey - Tracey Smith

Beckoning Bears - Tammy Wamboldt

Blondheart - Kelly Dauterman

Booh Bears - Janice Woodard

CatherWoods - Chrissi Catherwood

Cobblestone Creations - Laura Majusiak

Country Bears - Clare Davis-Tedd

Demonstrative Bears and Friends - Cynthia Sickler

Desert Mountain Bear - Joanne Livingston

Dog Patch Critters - Nancy Dontigney

Dolls N Dreams - Tami Lahey

Donna and the Bears - Donna Griffin

Duffyantiques - Brenda Power

EJ Crafts - Eva Summers

Essential Bears - Wendy Chamberlain

eTeddys - Alison McKee

Furbearsake - Lori Simon

Gone to the Dogs USA - Sheryl Morrow

Hager Bears - Donna Hager

Happy Little Souls - Melissa Kemp

Heirbears - Jane Woodard

Jazz Bears - Virginia Jasmer

Jellybelly Bears - Sarah Medina

Jessica Lee's Little Creations - Jessica Felton

JRB Creations - Jeannette Bashore

Karen Alderson - Karen Alderson

L J Bears - Lynette Littlejohn

Laurie Lou Bears - Laurie Wicks

Les Bears - Lesley Stipanov

Little Leaf Bears - Shanna Hiniker

Lombard Bears Australia - Linda Down

Mary Dowd Bears - Mary Dowd

Melbear's Quality Collectibles - Melanie Clark

Merry Bears by Annei Leung - Annei Leung

MJ.Bears - Melissa James

Mo Bear Designs - Jane Blowes

Mutz Tootzs - Amy Thornton

New Avenue Crew - Debora Hoffmann

Not Just Bears - Lois VonGunten

Pandy Potter Bears - Amanda Withington

Picture Books Studio - Louisa Bauer

Pinney Bears - Margaret Jackson

Pumpkin & Pickle Bears - Gemma McKenzie

q.D.paToOtieS - Lisa Thoms

Real Deal Bears - Christine Healey

Rosey Day - Rosey Day

Sally Anne Bears - Sandra Hobbs

SammiBears - Samantha Lutterotti

Sarian Miniature Bears - Sarah Savage

Sew Special Bears - Jackie Slade

Silly Bear - Aleta Breese

Skye Rose Bears - Sandra Piper

Teddies by Laura Lynn - Laura Matthews

Teddy Folk - Dorothy Stuhr

Teddybuys - Sue Jennings

Terries Bears - Terrie Kalaputas

The Patchwork Ark - Carolyn Robbins

Thingumy & Co. - Bry Richardson

Tiny Bear - Tina Jensen

Tuppies Teddies - Denise Eastwell

Vermont Harvest Folk - Doreen Frost

Walnut Tree Corner Bears - Gail Parsons

Wayneston Bears - Wayne Lim

Wazza Bears Australia - Peta Smart

Woodbury Park Bears - Raewyn Todd

This is going to be one incredible show! The largest online teddy bear show ever!

Bears and other critters of incredible quality and variety will be offered by so many of the industry's very talented artists!

This will be one show no one should miss! And because it's online you can come with a cup of your favorite beverage, wear your jammies and stay as long as you like!!!

Visit often for updates!

Sneak peek coming November 10th!

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Wendy Walker {M. E. Bears Since 1994} said...

Wow what a great show, loads of talent. I wish everyone all the beary best luck and have a great show!
Hugs from Down Under