Friday, September 3, 2010

Studio time

Today I got a day off work. Yay!!! I spent most of the day in the studio... Unfortunately I was not sewing. I moved almost everything in the room... and I managed to shampoo the carpets. That was a job! I also re-organised most of my sewing stuff and managed to squeeze in my itty little sewing desk that was sitting all alone in the crawl space. heehee. It looks so cute. I should have thought to take a photo.. but I am in bed resting now... my poor feet and back are killing me.
Tomorrow I am tearing all the shelving units in the room that used to be the closet before the master bedroom was done. I HOPE I can find a spot for some of them in the studio. I can't wait,. Then I get to paint that room and lay new flooring... lol. The "fun" never stops.. heehee.

Hope you all have a safe and fun long weekend! Fall is in the air my friends!
Bear Hugs,

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