Monday, August 16, 2010

when I get it.... I get it..

SO... My cold turned into an infected wisdom tooth.. which I then had to go to an emergency dental. *sigh* That was NOT fun at all. I will never go there again. I've looked like a lopsided chipmunk for the past 4 days and have been in horrid pain. At least today it is starting to get a little better. When I get sick I really get it.
So yesterday I did venture out to the Home Depot and got a few plastic totes for storing things. They were on sale.. and Purple. Two of my favorite things.... heehee. I want to get sewing again soon but have to get my studio back in order. I am getting rid of my TV and TV stand.. which pains me.. but it's for the best! lol. It takes up alot of space and I can use that space for my fabric... which I think is more important than the TV.. heehee.
Not much else is new here, I am so behind on everything being sick for almost 3 weeks now. Oh well, I guess the mess is not going to go anywhere! lol!!

Happy Monday everyone!

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