Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blog update.. omg!

Yes, I am still among the living! lol. As usual life has been hectic... seems never ending hectic and I am looking forward to a day when I don't have a list of 50 things to do. lol. I have been sewing a few things lately but mostly orders so there won't be much new. I do have a new Dragon who just needs to be photographed then I will be putting him up on Etsy. He is a larger Dragon and I am very happy with how he turned out.

In other news the new bedroom is pretty much done. Yay! Just a few finishing touches and it will be totally done. It is so nice to have the extra space. Feels like a whole new house! lol. It's VERY purple :) :)

I have been going through my Miniature fabric and if there is enough interest I will be listing some of the fabric I bought from Debbie Kesling. I bought her fabric stash when she retired years and years ago.. and I'm afraid with how many bears I make in a year I am just being greedy keeping it all. It cost me a small fortune and I don't think I would ever even break even selling it.. but it is a waste sitting in a box when it could be made into bears.

What else is new here.. not too much at all :) Just work work work.... work on the house, work at at work... work on bears.. work with the chins.... lol. At least I can't say I'm bored!!

I hope all is well with everyone who reads my little ramblings :)

And since I have no new bear photos I will leave you with yet another Chinchilla picture of a baby born here. lol.