Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everybody... I believe it was our most horrible yet! lol.

Had a very hectic day today. Between visiting and getting the house ready.. I am exhausted! I dressed up as Alice Cullen and had a total blast scaring the pants off the kiddies.

I will post some videos next. I can't get them to upload on facebook so I will do it here. lol.
What else is new here.... um, I had a sweet baby chin born last week. Just in time for my birthday. My birthday was fun and I got lots of awesome stuff. I even got a new computer! yay!
I took a few photos of a new mini dragon and a few miniature bears last week.. I just need a couple hours to sit and upload photos! lol. I promise it will be soon :)
Hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!!

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