Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thanks for "One lovely blog award"

Hey, look what Sophie from Sophie Z'Ours tagged my blog with!

Thank you very much for this award, Sophie!!

There are a few questions I have to answer now:

What is your current obsession?

Miniatures, Chinchillas and Twilight! lol.

What is your horoscope and do you relate to it?

I am a Scorpio and very much a Scorpio.. lol.

What are you wearing today?

Shorts and an old T-shirt (I'm cleaning and moving furniture today)

What was the last thing you bought?

I bought myself 3 new shirts. I am aiming at cleaning out my wardrobe this summer and getting rid of the old things I don't wear.... to make room for nice new stuff! heehee.

What is your favorite Holiday?

Halloween, I love to decorate the house and it's so much fun making all the little kids laugh and scream :) .

A guilty pleasure?

Chocolate whip cream on my coffee

What is your must have item for Summer?

a sprinkler for the lawn... I may be too old to jump in the sprinkler.. but that does not stop me! heehee.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would it be?

To a good miniature show! lol... I might need more than an hour there though! lol.

What is your favourite piece of clothing from your closet?

I have a favorite pair of Parasuco jeans that I wear way too often. They have an embroidered and painted white tiger on the leg with roses and jewels. :)

What is your dream job?

Probably to own a successful Doll, Bear and miniature shop.

What do you consider a Fashion faux pas?

Wearing clothes that don't fit!

Describe your personal style?

What are you going to do after this?

Going to go finish moving the studio, clean the house, do some yard work, work on fixing 2 pinball machines, hopefully make a trip to the hardware store.. after I make Breakfast.. lol.

What are your favourtie past-times and hobbies?

Making bears, Dolls, miniatures, learning about Genetics, pinball machines, Halloween, learning about animals, old cars, drawing, Painting, planting flowers.

What are you proud of?

All the challenges I've managed to get through this last year.

Have you got pets at home?
Noo, I have no pets at all.. lololol! yeah right! I have 2 wonderful gorgeous Maine Coon Kitties, Ghost and Mouse, I have 2 box Turtles that I've had since I was in elementary School! I have a White Lipped tree
Frog named Froggy, I have 5 Bearded Dragons, 2 Tarantulas. I also hobby breed Chinchillas.. so have a few of them as well.. lol. Lets just say I spend ALOT of time looking after critters.
I also have a Dog at work and a Kitty at work :) Spooky who I've had for 11 years, he is my darling. And Motley who was a homeless starving little soul someone dumped out at my parents
acreage... the most well behaved affectionate kitty I've ever owned.

So I am to tag 7 others.

Those to follow are to answer the questions on the blog and replace one question that they dislike and make one of their own up.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Love and hugs to you all!


lapousmor said...

Hi Melanie!

Thank you very much for following my blog and answering the questions!
I enjoyed a lot reading your answers.
I am in awe for all the critters you are looking after. I don not think I would like to have animals like tarantula, frog or dragon, though, not they they frighten me (I am not that easy to frighten by animals, unless they suddenly appear from nowhere), but i do prefer big furry ones with hot blood!!!! Hehehehehehehe!

I am happy to know more about you.


Rosey said...

WooHoo :o) I got tagged!!!

Thanks Mel *mwah*

<3 Rosey :o)

Sarah Medina, Jellybelly Bears said...

Well, I just realised I had been tagged by you lol, So I'll get to it now ;) better late than never huh? lol thanks dearie xx