Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yes, 2 posts in one day! lol.

I am working on trying to set up the new studio.. I decided since I never work in mine because I am too cold in the basement I would move up to the main floor.

It's not going well! lol. I can't decide where to put what and so I come back to my computer and think. I need to fit 3 cabinets, a TV stand a table and 2 desks in a space that does not allow that much.. lol. I may have to loose a table or a cabinet.. Bugger.

Well, I shall leave you with a quick photo of my latest creation!



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lapousmor said...

Setting this new studio looks very tricky.
I am sure you will eventually find the best way to do it.
Maybe to place your working desk or table, you should do according to where the sun comes from, if it does enter the room!!! and choose according to where are the power plugs too.
It is very frustrating not to have enough room to put all pieces of furniture.
We too have a small studio, that we have both to share and that is not very big. So we had to decide what to keep and what to put in the attic. Now we have replaced shelves by bigger bibliotheques, we have a little more romm, but for how long????
One thing is sure, there is no room for extra pieces of furnitures as we cannot move the walls to increase the room's size, hehehehehehehe!

Your new critter is very sweet. How big is he?