Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Finally it seems spring is here! It is sunny and warm out today.. and of course today is my cleaning day so I will have to get that done before I can go out and enjoy part of this day.
We had a fantastic thunderstorm last night, which was cool.. yet a little odd since we still have snow on the ground.

Got up early yesterday and my Mom and I headed over the the Wild Rose Antique show. It was raining a little, but not too cool out, my favorite weather. The show was really fun and I came home with a few new treasures! My Mom bought me a gorgeous Merrythought bunny who is so pretty! It had been stored most of it's life and still has the tag! I also got a few early 1900's post cards that are very fantastic. I want to find a creative way to display them.

So, I've made the scary decision to move my studio to the main floor.. lol. Why is this scary? I have alot of stuff packed into that room... lol. I rarely sew in my studio, it's cool in there and sitting in cold.. well we don't get along. I hate being cold and I spend an hour down there and then find any excuse to come up. SO that is my plan for the rest of the weekend! blah.. but yay!
It will be great to have things sorted out a little better.
After that I want to try to pick up the flooring for the upstairs room. I want that room finished so badly. We are always so busy lately it is hard to get any work on the house done.
We have to deliver some cabinets today or tomorrow as well.... lol, the fun never stops.. heehee.
Hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend!!
Love and hugs,

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