Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ramblings and a new kitty!

This weekend is the Wild Rose antique show. My Mom and I go every year and it's our one day that we get to spend totally together without the stress of actually doing a show. I can't wait, even though I STILL have no truck! Can you believe that? Oh well, I am going to try to get a car for the weekend... Well, I will see what I can do anyway! lol.
I have a 6.5" Siamese kitten done! Yay! Soon he will make an appearance. I just want to make him a little collar or give him a ribbon.
I have also been working on a few new minis. Mostly those little litter boxes. I'm sold out of them..Who knew... I guess my sense of humor is not as odd as I thought it was! lol.

In other news my baby Chinchillas are getting so big :) I am now trying to decide if I can keeping one.. or selling them both.. lol. I will see when they are ready go leave Mom, they still have a month with her so after that I will decide. I will post some new pics of them this week. Hopefully of the new kitty as well. I will put him up for adoption as soon as I can!

I also hope this week to get my Clown bear up on ebay.. I've been holding onto this fellow for too long.. lol. I really like him.. BUT I think I need to give my collectors a chance to have him and not be greedy.

I finally got to see the movie Twilight a couple weeks ago. I loved it. I am now reading the first book, although it may take me a month to get through it with how much time I have to read.. lol. Oh well, who needs sleep. ;) lol.

Hope you all have a wonderful easter, full of bunnies and chocolates!
Love and Hugs,

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