Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter bunny has arrived!

The Easter bunny was just visiting my house! The real one! He never brought any treats.. but did spend some time eating seeds that feel out of the bird feeder. :)

Thanks for the Visit Mr or Miss Bunny!

Happy Easter!


Brenda said...

Mel, he is one beautiful bunny - not yours, I take it?

Melanie Clark said...

He's a wild bunny.. I've seen his foot prints in the snow.. but never saw him before today. I think I noticed him because his fur is still a bit white... He's in the middle of Changing to brown for the summer.

Brenda said...

He's a snowshoe hare then? Aren't they the one's that change like that?



Melanie Clark said...

It's a Jack Rabbit.. it is a type of hare though... here.