Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ack and all that

Ack, I still have not had the time to get all my new minis up. My appologies. I always have the best intentions.... but not enough time in the day. I will get them up before the end of the week. I have the photos done.. but I need a spare few hour or two to sort them and get them listed.
Things have been very busy, but I have to admit I did take Saturday off to go out shopping with Kristina. We had a very fun day though, and I had not seen her since the Doll show.. sheesh, what a good friend I am.. lol.
In other news.. the bedroom renos are coming along. We have it all painted and it looks sooo nice. I have a dark very dramatic photo of it. We don't get much light for another couple months so it's hard to get a good photo.
So I am very much looking forward to relaxing at Christmas.. although I just found out yesterday I only get 2 days off... so pretty much a long weekend.. which sucks. Oh well, maybe things will change between now and then. I am quite disapointed though. I could really use a week off to rest and get some bears made.
I did get a very pretty red Christmas tree the other day.... I am still taking down Halloween decorations though... lol. I think instead of putting my 2 large Halloween props away I will just give them Santa hats.. heehee... Should give any Christmas visitors we have a laugh.
I am still working on those Xmas ornaments.. I really do wish I was better at getting things done... but I can't do everything so I guess it's better not to beat myself up over it... I really hope by the end of the weekend they will be done.
I am planning to register for the Spruce Grove Miniature show that is in the spring. I plan on making a pile of miniature bears this time around. I am quite excited as I have not made many minis bears in the past couple of years. I have quite a few of those on the go as well.

I also have a sweet bear that I have not wanted to part with done.. I will probably list him on ebay.. maybe this week. I really can't decide.. Etsy or Ebay? What do you guys prefer? Actually I am going to do a survey on that one.... top left of my blog page, please let me know which you would rather.
Well I better get back to work here! Hope you are all having a wonderful week!
Love and Hugs!

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