Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bear sale and other ramblings :)

I use to walk for an hour a day at the track. I stopped when I moved to Edmonton a couple years ago. So on the weekend I picked up an elliptical trainer and I love it. I've used it twice this week and intend to keep up with it. When I lived in Stony plain I had a life cycle bike and I loved the thing.. but I could not take it with me when I moved. I think with having no sunshine and it being to chilly to do much outside this is the next best thing.

Also I spent a good hour in my studio hugging mohair and thinking up new ideas :) I pulled out 5 pieces of fabric and I AM going to try to get at least one bear ornament to put up for adoption.

Okay, one more thing of the day, I've decided to do a bear sale for Christmas. I know budgets are a little tighter this year and to thank all my wonderful customers who have been putting up with my sporadic post of bears.. I will be offering some really good deals at my Etsy shop. Friday I will be putting the prices back up to the regular price. Merry Christmas!

Love and hugs!

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