Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Daily Gratitude list, day 2

I missed yesterday... got too busy with things and we had people over helping with the upstairs bedroom. So Today my Gratitude list.

1.My Mom

2. Sourdough Bread

3. bears

4. Miniatures

5. My cellphone

6. Coffee.. yumm.

7. The washing Machine

8. The birds outside.

9. My warm bed

10. Sleeping in

11. Creative urges

12. Fuzzy socks.

13. deli sandwiches

14. Fabric

15. movies

16. For it not being snowing and -30c yet.

17. Digital Cameras

18. The pink coat my mom bought for me.. it's so fuzzy and soft.

19. The slow Cooker.. I've had a Chilli in there all day.. lunch and dinner.. Yum.. lol.

20. Having a house I don't have to be croweded in (even if it is a pain in the butt to keep clean.. lol)

Love and Hugs!

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