Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still alive

So I am still sick.. but surviving. I am almost better, I think, now if I could get rid of the cough and plugged up head.. lol... okay so maybe not better just yet... lol.
Spent the weekend drywalling the master bedroom.. which is not very much fun.. but it was nice to spend the day with Brad and we had fun even if it was not the most fun job. At least it's getting done! Soon we will have a nice bedroom.

Not to much new... my birthday is on Saturday so I'm not really looking forward to that one.. but I hope to at least go and have some fun. Brad is buying me a Chinchilla.... just as soon as I find the one I want.. lol. I've wanted one forever so I am quite excited. We got some supplies for the new little one and Brad is building a home for him or her.. lol. I really want an odd color... which seem to be a bit difficult to find around here.

I will also be updating myEtsy site sometime in the next few days. I will be posting most of the minis I have available up... and maybe some bears if I can manage to get some photos done.
I really want to update my melbears site. but I just have not had the time... my appologies for not having some new bears! Soon, I promise!

Love and Hugs,


Anonymous said...

You could just dye the chinchilla whatever odd color it is that you like.Lol...perhaps green! Hehe


Melanie Clark said...

Lololol, somehow I don't think the chinny would enjoy being dyed.. lol.