Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Edmonton Doll and Teddy bear show! 5 day countdown

Well only 5 days till the show.. Make sure you come by and say hello! It should be a great show and I am very excited!

Edmonton doll club show and sale.

10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Admission is $5.00

I am working on a new bunny who should be done by the show.. and I am

hoping to get one more fellow done before the show.... but I am also making a few more Why do I always bite off more than I can chew!? lol. I need more time but it's very difficult when I work full time and have a house and pets to look after... I don't know how people with kids do it.

After the show (well after I recover from being exhausted.. lol) I will be listing some more ebay auctions. I am also going to try to make a sculpted witch doll. A few people have asked, after seeing my witch coming out of the mirror, if I could make a whole doll. So that will probably be my next big project.

I of course have to start my Halloween decorating of the house... It will take me awhile as all my Halloween goodies are still packed from the move.. I just hope I can find everything! It would also be nice if I could put some of my things outside without having them get A. snowed on B. stolen.. lol. So we shall see.

.. that reminds me.. I still have to find my table drape for the show, and make business cards (I should have had them printed, ack, I forgot!)... and tag my bears.... lol. ack. Hurry up 5 o'clock! lol.

Hope you are all having a great week!

Love and Hugs,



KRISTINA said...

Your pink panda is gorgeous!! And she is MINE! MINE I TELL YOU MINE!!!!....

I have a bear with your name on it now you have a bear with my name on it!!! MINE MINE!!!


Melanie Clark said...

Awe sorry sweetie.. she is already gone to someone else. :( I can make you one in purple or something instead?

KRISTINA said...

:O( heart is broken....but YEAH! YEAH! Purple Purple Purple!!!!! A purple panda bear will mend my broken heart!

Anonymous said...

This years Edmonton Doll and Teddy show:
Sunday October 4, 2009 Alberta Aviation Museum, 11410 Kingsway Ave. Edmonton, AB, Canada 10:00am-4:00 Admission $5 Info: 780-485-3025
Hope to see you there!