Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shows... and the exhaustion after.

Had an awesome time at the miniature show and am so pleased that many of my mini pieces found new homes. I also got to meet my friend Shirl who I have talked online with for years. She is a total sweetheart and it was soooooo awesome to finally put a face to the personality I chat with.

I bought quite a few little gems for my Dollhouse and really had a blast. I just wish I didn't get quite so drained from it all! Seems a one day show has taken the best from me the last 2 days.. lol. For some reason not having at least one day to rest on the weekend has turned me into a big sleepy head. BUT on a fantastic note I did manage in my zombie like state to list 5 new auctions today!

Please check out my Halloween Dollhouse listings on ebay http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/melbears I have listed some Spaghetti and Eyeballs, an eyeball Submarine Sandwich, Dragon Breath Chilli, a lone Hand Sandwich and one of my Ghost in the mirror!

I have been working like a Crazy person on minis and I have started sculpting some doll heads as well.. I have made them into Ghosts in "mirrors". I am so very pleased with them.

I will be starting on some new bears now. I hope to get 2 new fellows done for the show. I have 12 days till showtime.. we will see where my procrastination takes me! lol. oh, and a wee preview of the itty bunnies I have been making.

Love and hugs!


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