Monday, September 29, 2008

6 more days till the next show! ack!

So I only have 6 more days till my next show. This one I will have my bears at.... the few bears I have made anyway. I will also be bringing my Lamps and other minis. Please come by Saturday and say hello, the show is at the Aviation museum at Kingsway and I have been told there is 100 exhibitors! Wow! It should be a good show!
Other than that have not been up to much. We have been working on the house and spending lots on building supplies. Which isn't the most fun I've had buying things.. but once we have the upstairs done it will be worth it.
Also, I still have some auctions up on ebay. These will be the last I list until after the show!

Well anyway, I had better get back to work once again!

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