Monday, September 29, 2008

6 more days till the next show! ack!

So I only have 6 more days till my next show. This one I will have my bears at.... the few bears I have made anyway. I will also be bringing my Lamps and other minis. Please come by Saturday and say hello, the show is at the Aviation museum at Kingsway and I have been told there is 100 exhibitors! Wow! It should be a good show!
Other than that have not been up to much. We have been working on the house and spending lots on building supplies. Which isn't the most fun I've had buying things.. but once we have the upstairs done it will be worth it.
Also, I still have some auctions up on ebay. These will be the last I list until after the show!

Well anyway, I had better get back to work once again!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween dollhouse goodies and mini lamps on ebay!

I've just gone on an ebay listing spree! yay!

You will now find a few of my mini lamps for sale as well as a few of my Creepy Halloween goodies.

Love and hugs,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shows... and the exhaustion after.

Had an awesome time at the miniature show and am so pleased that many of my mini pieces found new homes. I also got to meet my friend Shirl who I have talked online with for years. She is a total sweetheart and it was soooooo awesome to finally put a face to the personality I chat with.

I bought quite a few little gems for my Dollhouse and really had a blast. I just wish I didn't get quite so drained from it all! Seems a one day show has taken the best from me the last 2 days.. lol. For some reason not having at least one day to rest on the weekend has turned me into a big sleepy head. BUT on a fantastic note I did manage in my zombie like state to list 5 new auctions today!

Please check out my Halloween Dollhouse listings on ebay I have listed some Spaghetti and Eyeballs, an eyeball Submarine Sandwich, Dragon Breath Chilli, a lone Hand Sandwich and one of my Ghost in the mirror!

I have been working like a Crazy person on minis and I have started sculpting some doll heads as well.. I have made them into Ghosts in "mirrors". I am so very pleased with them.

I will be starting on some new bears now. I hope to get 2 new fellows done for the show. I have 12 days till showtime.. we will see where my procrastination takes me! lol. oh, and a wee preview of the itty bunnies I have been making.

Love and hugs!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shows and the madness before.

I am a master procrastinator.. I don't even try to deny it anymore. I only have 13 critters for the show Doll show. BUT I have 30 miniature lamps and probably just as many other misc minis. I am addicted to minis! Don't worry though, I am getting the bear bug and have 2 little mohair guys floating around in my mind. I will try to get at least 2 more bears done before the show :)

SO in other newsI will be at the Edmonton Miniature show this weekend. My friend and her Mom have been kind enough to let me put a few things on their table. Next year I will surely have enough to have my own table. I am very Excited about this show. I have never been to an all miniature show before and it should be a great experience.

This week I have been working non stop. I made 2 itty tiny bunnies. I will try to take a photo tomorrow or later today if I get time. I am very busy making more Halloween horror goodies.. lol. I have so much fun with them. I am soooo happy other people are with me in my madness and are giving my gory treats a new home. It makes me feel good that there are a few other zany people out there who love Halloween as much as I do.

I won't be posting any new auctions till next week.. after the show. I will list a few auctions after that but then I have to get ready for the Doll show.

Well I better get back to work!

Love and Hugs,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spooky Dollhouse goodies of Horror (mwhaha) have arrived!

I am currently uploading some of my Halloween Dollhouse Treats. It's taking me a bit longer than I thought because my new router is not co-operating. BUT they are slowly going up. Please check them out and let me know what you think!

Love and spooky hugs!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Working on Halloween Dollhouse Miniatures! Boo!

I have been working on lamps and Halloween minis like a mad scientist! mwahaha... teehee. I have decided to post a few of the creepy Halloween minis on ebay. I will get them on either tonight or tomorrow depending on how tired I am when I get home... lol. So far so good.
So, what else is new you ask? Not a whole huge lot. Work has been crazy busy and home life has been crazy busy. We are doing as much work as possible on the upstairs bedroom reno... Well Brad is mostly working on it because I am "trying" to get ready for the show. I still need to make new business cards... and I want to have at least 4 more bears.. but at the rate I am sewing that just isn't going to happen. I have one little bear that I can't decide if I should put up on ebay or save for the show.. and considering I only have 13 critters ready for the show.. I should probably hold onto him! lol :) well I love him anyway.. heehee.

Well I will Hopefully log on again later with an auction anouncement!
Love and Hugs!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a weekend full of everything but bears..

So I got pretty much nothing done on the long weekend. I did make a few more lamps.. but did not get even a minute to work on my bears.
I spent Friday with my Mom and doing a few work errands. It was a fun day, we shopped and had a yummy lunch. I always get excited as the Halloween things come into the stores. There are so many creepy delights! I didn't buy much, but Mom bought me a few eye shadows.. which are supposed to be for my Birthday.. heehee.

The rest of the weekend was spend ripping out walls for our bedroom and taking things to the dump and helping Brad at the lake with the deck.
Monday some of Brad's family came to see us... He has a huge extended family and just one sliver of them is more than all the people I know.. lol. We had a nice visit though. Brads Grandmother brought me the most gorgeous African Violet. I will have to take a photo of it while it's still blooming. I love plants and flowers.. and have seemed to have lost my curse of quickly killing my houseplants!

It's only 5 weeks till my show. Ack! Oh well, tonight I will try to start on some new minis. I have some great ideas for some little animals and dolls. BUT I need to finish my blue bunny.... and I really want to get at least 4 more bears done before the show. I know that is a stretch with work and everything.. but I want to have some new things made. I often wonder why I try to tackle shows. It is so hard to get everything done!

Well, I have to cut this short here, work is crazy busy.
Love and Hugs!