Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

For a long weekend it sure went by pretty quick! I did manage to get lots done though... my swollen sore fingers prove it! hehe. I now have 2 new Dragons.. about 10 minature lamps.. that are just awaiting plugs (that I still need to order, ack) and about 2o miniature Halloween dishes of gore.. lol. I had so much fun with everything. I must keep at the minis though, they are so much fun and it is nice to work on something I can finish in an hour or two.
I will post some photos when I get home.. I was running so late this morning I didn't want to be more late for work.. lol. I made 3 pots of eyeball stew, 6 plates of eyeball and bloodworm stew, 4 plates of eyeball stew with caterpillar coleslaw, 2 plates of fried eyeballs with blood sauce. 3 jars of picked eyeballs, one jar of vampire/wherewolf eyes, one pot of Dragon eye soup, one pot of blood sauce, 2 eye ball on flipper... I think that is all.. oh, one more, a pot of hard boiling Eyeballs. Sheesh, I think I have some halloween issues.... I have to make more things and not just things with eyeballs or people will think I am crazy. I was thinking about a "hand sandwich" hehe. Ah, any Halloween ideas you think would look cool in miniature let me know! I get a little overboard with Halloween :D
I better get back to work here, sooo much today!
Love and Hugs,

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Chris said...

Aaaaaah! Weekend's gone! I've accomplished nothing! Now I have to wait four more days for another weekend! It's not fair!

Christmas Long Weekend can't get here fast enough.