Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thump thumpty thump....

.. That is the noise 2 maine coon cats make while we are trying to sleep.. lol. Mouse and Ghost were like wrestlers tag teaming the bed last night like a wrestling ring. One would jump on walk on us, purring, looking out the window, head butting.. then run with a flying leap out the door with a big thump/crash. Now, I am a VERY light sleeper. Everything and anything wakes me up. I use to sleep with a fairly loud fan in my room because once I got use to it, it was like white noise and blocked out all the sounds in the house. I doubt Brad would go for the fan in the room. I think tonight I might have to hog tie 2 cats... or close them in the basement.. I am feeling very much like a Zombie today.
On a happier note I made 2 more lamps last night, yay! at this rate I think I will have about 20 of them. I ordered my plugs and a few more bulbs yesterday. I probably shouldn't be ordering more bulbs.. but I have become addicted to the little lamps. They are just so much fun to make.
I didn't take the photos I meant to take last night... and slept in this morning.... lol. This working thing takes waaaay to much of my time.. heeheee.
Hope you all have a great week!

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