Saturday, August 2, 2008

On my way to being a crazy cat lady..

Yes, I've got another cat... lol. no that is not him in the photo, it's Ghost being his difficult self and not letting me take his photo!.. but anyway... We have been thinking about getting another cat for quite some time. Ghost hates Brad, won't let him anywhere near him.. lol. Not that I blame the cat really... BUT the cat is a bit high strung and even though the cat loves me, I still get clawed time to time.... like this morning when I went to move him and got clawed in the face and neck because he freaked out. Anyway, our new kitty is another Maine Coon, he is an adult, his people didn't have enough time to spend with him so he came to live with us in a forever home. So far he he has been spending his time here hiding because he is scared.. but I think he will come around in a few weeks. He is very friendly normally (aka in his old home) and comes to get cuddles and pats and head butts with us at 2 and 3 in the morning.. lol (why why at 3am! hehehe). I don't have a photo of him yet because he is so shy.. but I will when he decided to come out in the DAYLIGHT lol.

So I have been working up a storm with my critters and the miniatures. The time is quickly going by! I want to have at least 20 bears done and hopefully the same amount of miniature items. These are the 2 Dragons I am working on and they are turning out pretty cute. I forgot how much work the dragons are. They take me 4 times as long as a bear! Ouch. I think they are worth it though, and I want to have at least one of my mini dragons to take as well! Ack, I really better get sewing! lol.

My midi sized green bear is now pretty much done.. I still have to give him a big bow or something else on his neck I think :) maybe and old rusty bell or something else antique looking.

I love the color of green.. and for the life of me I can remember if I bought that piece that color or dyed it.. but I am SURE it's not a factory color. I think I might use what is left of that piece to make a cute green Dragon :)

I am also working on the mini dollhouse lamps. I want to learn to wire more than one light together... but I really am not sure what I am doing and I don't want to make something that could overheat.. so right now I am just playing with design and waiting till my Dad has a few minutes for me to pick his brain and find out if I can actually do what I am thinking. Either way I wanted to share one of the lamps I am trying to come up with :) I have lots more on the go.. but I am not quite ready to show them yet :)
So, I better go get my butt working. I started watching the first Harry Potter last night... and now I'm not sure I've even seen it! lol, I see why now people have always said the first one is their favorite.. it is filled with so many delights. I am thinking I just haven't seen the beggining.. because I am sure I have seen the rest of the movie... I guess I'll know after I watch it a bit longer.. teehee. Well, off to work on Bunnies and Dragons and lamps! Hope you all have a great weekend.
Love and Hugs,

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