Friday, August 22, 2008

My disapointment with Teddy Bear Magazines

I love magazines, I am an addict. Mostly crafty ones, Doll, miniature and of course teddy bear. Most doll, miniature and crafty(like Martha Stewart.. yes, I love Martha, I can't help it!) magazines do an awesome Halloween feature. I always end up buying at least 10 magazines I normally don't buy just because of the Halloween photos. Big old creepy houses, crafty bits and Halloween displays, I live for August when all the Halloween delights arrive in the shops.
Now, my complaint, teddy bear magazines. I just received one of my beloved teddy bear magazines and was one again disappointed. No magical Halloween displays, no articles on an artist(s) who make Fall or Halloween/creepy critters for the delights of Collectors... a few oddly placed photos. Nothing I have not seen a hundred times over. Still a good issue of the magazine, but a disappointment for someone looking for a little fall flair. Maybe I am once again the strange one and teddy bear Collectors have in interest in Halloween. ?. I'm not always the best person to pick up on the status quo. I do know Halloween is a billion dollar industry, and myself, I spend hundreds of dollars a year on Halloween decor and treats... Then again I am a Halloween junkie and tend to leave some of my larger props and decor out all year (how boring would my office be without them!.. lol). Do collectors of Teddies have no Halloween interest? I know Doll and Miniature people do... I am now eagerly awaiting my Doll and Miniature magazines, I hope they can relieve some of my need for a Halloween "fix".

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
Love and Hugs,

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